Keep your Elevators up to date.

At no cost to you, A&A ELEVATOR will assess the condition and code compliance of your elevator, and provide technical and financial options that are available to you for your modernization needs.

We specialize in AC/DC traction, from low to high-speed group operations with new technologies for high traffic demanding buildings, including hydraulic passenger and freight elevators bringing them up to the latest elevator codes.

A&A ELEVATOR offers NON-PROPRIETARY elevator controllers and machines allowing you the freedom to choose any company to repair and service your elevators should you decide to do so, OEM companies, on the other hand, will install a proprietary system at a discounted price to earn your business, and then charge unreasonable prices for repairs and parts once you are captive.

Our prices are significantly lower than those charged by the major OEM companies without compromising the quality and performance of your elevators. Our expertise as elevator controller designers, allow us to give you different options and solutions that not many other elevator companies are capable of offering.

We provide Elevator Cab Renovation for our clients.

Full and partial elevator cab renovations and repairs to give the cab an up to date look whether it’s just changing the front panel and button fixtures to a completely new cab design and installation.

We offer Modern, Antique and Classic interiors, special finishes and designs with special materials, engraved doors, colored and decorated stainless steel, munts, bronze, wood, veneers, glass observation, etc.