How to keep your elevators safe and reliable

Keeping your organization’s elevators in optimal conditions requires constant vigilance and ongoing maintenance. If you manage an elevator system, you know that the consequences of neglecting this responsibility can be dire. Unsafe conditions, such as locked doors and equipment malfunctions, can create an unstable environment for your employees and visitors. If you don’t have the time or resources to handle your business’ maintenance needs, there’s another solution. Outsourcing elevator maintenance services will give you peace of mind while maintaining control over security codes.

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Maintenance of your elevators

The first step in maintaining your elevators is to perform a thorough inspection of the equipment. This process will help you identify potential problems before they become dangerous issues. If your elevator system is decades old, you may need additional services, such as rebuilding and modernization, to prevent serious problems in the future. Remember that elevator maintenance is an ongoing process. You should carry out regular inspections and make sure you have a maintenance plan.

Continuous monitoring

One of the most important aspects of elevator maintenance is the correct operation of continuous control. This system ensures that your elevator stops at every floor, providing consistent service to everyone riding the elevator. You can easily install a continuous monitoring system. This will help your elevator system run smoothly, improving the overall experience for your passengers. But this is not enough. You should also check the cables, doors, and other components to make sure everything is working properly.

Annual review and repairs

The best way to keep your elevators operating safely is to perform a regular inspection of all equipment. The next step is to make repairs to any components that are worn or damaged. This is an essential part of elevator maintenance that can help you avoid serious problems in the future. If your elevator is disabled, you need to have someone on call who can resolve the situation quickly. This can prevent interruptions to your daily operations.

Modernization and maintenance

If your elevator has become dangerous due to worn components or broken parts, it may need more than just repairs. In this case, you will benefit from modernization and maintenance. In this case, we will perform a thorough inspection of your lift and determine what needs to be replaced. We will provide you with a detailed budget of the project costs. This will help you make the right decision.


Managing the maintenance of your own elevator can be time consuming and complicated. You have to keep an eye on all components and respond to problems as soon as they arise. Working with A&A Elevator will give you an added level of confidence. You can rest assured that your elevators are safe and reliable, and you can focus on your core operations.

We will evaluate the condition of your elevator and if required, make necessary adjustments and/or repairs before monthly maintenance begins, eliminating potential elevator downtime, emergencies and repetitive problems.